Oaxaca Philosophy for Children Initiative

During two weeks of my summer, I traveled to Oaxaca City, Mexico, with Amy Reed-Sandoval, a PhD candidate from University of Washington who hired me to film a short documentary to promote her philosophy for children program in Oaxaca. With a low budget and Amy’s vision, I worked to conduct interviews, film, and edit the video within the span of 3 weeks. I worked with Amy to construct a video that aims to represent her project while at the same time remaining sensitive cultural differences, Indigenous sentiments, and the politics of the education system in Oaxaca.

For more information about the program, visit: http://oaxacaphilosophy.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OaxacaP4C
Twitter: Oaxaca P4C

“Today, with advanced technology, worldwide communication and transcultural innovation, it is obvious that human beings want to help others, and they have the ability to help others. So why would they not want to support the development of the lives of all youth to become collaborative, involved citizens of the world? The past, present and future of humanity involves philosophy: questions, answers and ways of thinking. If the future starts with youth, they need to learn how to navigate this world.”

“Hoy, con tecnología avanzada, comunicación mundial y innovación transcultural, es obvio que los seres humanos quiera ayudar otros, y puedan ayudar otros. ¿Así por que no querrían apoyar el desarrollo de todas las vidas de los jóvenes para ser de colaboración y involucrados ciudadanos del mundo? El pasado, presente y futuro de la humanidad implica filosofía: preguntas, respuestas y formas de pensar. Si el futuro empiece con los jóvenes, ellos necesitan aprender como navigar ese mundo.”


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